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About QuantumMark

About QuantumMark

A little about us: QuantumMark is a small women-owned consulting firm based in Reno, Nevada. We have over 30 years of experience helping our clients achieve and maintain success. A diverse group of employees is at the core of our company, bringing with them various expertise including international work, gaming, vital records and more. Because of our experience in various industries, both private and public sector, we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality of work, every time.

A strong code of ethics and integrity has been the foundation of QuantumMark since day one. We therefore bring these elements to every engagement and interaction we have, both small and large. We believe in being a trusted partner for our clients, and constantly provide results that are above expectation.

Our clients, community and employees are our backbone, and we are committed to them first. We believe that giving back is one of the most important things we, as humans, can do. As a result, people can see through our work environment, our community, and our partnership with our clients that we are truly commitment to providing and living in excellence.

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