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Case Studies + Testimonials

case studies + testimonials

Vital Records | A Case Study

National Vital RecordsVital Records in the U.S. is a major player in disease prevention and overall public health, but it still faces a major problem: lack of efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of data reporting. State Vital Records Offices often use outdated electronic systems, utilize time-consuming methods of data collection, and struggle to receive thorough and timely information from stakeholders. Without good data, the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) is unable to provide accurate statistics and disease prevention solutions.

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Marijuana Industry | A Case Study

Before 2013, Nevada allowed individuals to apply for a medical marijuana card, but the only way for individuals to legally obtain marijuana was to grow it themselves. This led to a rise in illegal growing and distribution. To combat this, Nevada passed Senate Bill 374, which allows individuals to apply for and obtain a certificate to operate medical marijuana establishments.
The goal: to provide medical marijuana card holders a safe, reliable, and government regulated place to purchase product.

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Adult Mental Health Services | A Case Study

Adult Mental Health ServicesIn 2014, Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital (Las Vegas, NV), along with the State of Nevada Division of Public and Behavior Health, took part in a CMS (Center for Medicare Services) survey on how to improve adult mental health treatments.
The goal: come up with new solutions to combat the upcoming changes to their inpatient facility and address new reimbursement requirements, all while improving the patient success rate. The solution was a “treatment mall” concept, which took a holistic approach to treatment.

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Health Department Program Assistance | A Case Study

The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health’s Bureau of Child, Family and Community Wellness had successfully been running their Nevada Home Visiting (NHV) since 2011. However, in August of 2015 they ran into a major problem; they had obtained approval and engaged an organization to extend the program to Mineral County, but no progress or implementation occurred. Without the program’s assistance, the at-risk single mothers and pregnant teens were unable to receive the help they needed.

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License + Certification Integration | A Case Study

Licensing + Certification ExpertiseThe Nevada Division of Publis and Behavioral Health wanted to restructure both the licensing and certification proesses for 11 of their health programs, so that it was one centralized process. The goal was to make it easier to monitor and maintain standardization state wide, to improve service and eliminae any duplicate work. A procurement for a new software solution was approved. The system needed to be able to administrate the new centralized model. The challenge was which vendor provided the best option.

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Pennsylvania EBRS and EDRS Rollout Planning | A Case Study

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was seeking help in developing a rollout plan for both an Electronic Birth Registry System (EBRS) and an Electronic Death Registry System(EDRS). The plans had to be created before the current software contract ended, and it was critical to have strong internal buy-in. The Commonwealth Vital Records staff assigned for this project was limited, plus all of them had other demanding responsibilities to fulfill throughout the rollout.

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Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency | A Case Study

Because of changes in Medicaid, due to the Affordable Care Act, Nevada State funding to the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency (SAPTA) was being cut, as well as funding for implementing centralized billing and a change of computer systems. This meant the SAPTA program was in urgent need for a new roadmap to continue to operate, and any delays would leave the State with insufficient funds to pay for any/all services rendered.

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Nevada Cancer Registry | A Case Study

The Nevada Central Cancer Registry (NCCR) wanted to improve their registry performance to reach “gold status,” as set by the North America Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR). This required multi-year updates and modifications, while adhering to strict compliance standards. Some of the changes were: addressing the infrastructure deficiencies, implementing and training employees on software, developing and implementing a quality improvement system focused on increasing timeliness and quality of data.

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QuantumMark was very helpful working with ADH staff with aspects of the grant writing to ensure the grants were submitted by deadline... Grant funding was obtained. I have no hesitation recommending QuantumMark.

Jim Myatt

At every step of the project, I was impressed with the professionalism and quality of the work. When the project was completed I was blown away by the final implementation plan. The plan was exceptional in its analysis, insight and clearly delineated steps for the future.

Joseph Greenway

Really appreciate your oversight on this contract & project - it made a HUGE difference towards final success - for both Alaska and Netsmart.

Scott De Bauche

Their collaborative approach ensure that we were “in the loop” throughout all three projects, helped us to proactively identify and manage project risks, fostered buy-in to the project outcomes both within our organization and with our stakeholders, and transferred valuable skills to our project team that will contribute to the success of our implementations.”

Emil DeJan

...her ability to keep us on track, her availability, dedication and commitment to quality is worthy of special recognition as major factors in guiding the Division to success.

Terry Crawforth

…a model approach to process documentation, excellent example of the type of reference guides being sought for other operational areas.

John T Price

…brought us significant value in all aspects of our reengineering effort.  The skill transfer that they made in many areas has improved the quality of our management team and staff.  They brought us needed process and discipline to implement plans to achieve our strategy.  Today, improvement continues throughout the organization, which is a testament to the sustainability of their approach.

Virginia Lewis

We enjoyed meeting and working with QuantumMark last week. Together, we can advance some meaningful changes.

Denise L. Everett

Diane and Suzanne are true professionals in their field. They have exemplary skills and knowledge in project management, development of system requirements for complex Information Systems projects, assessment of business needs, cost estimation, and identification of IS hardware and software specifications

Jennifer A. Woodward, Ph.D.

Suzanne’s knowledge, experience and professionalism served as a testimony to the success of the project.

B. Mahlon Brown

At every step of the project, I was impressed with the professionalism and quality of the work. When the project was completed I was blown away by the final implementation plan. The plan was exceptional in its analysis, insight and clearly delineated steps for the future.

Joseph Greenway
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