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Device for Cutting-out your Bad Habits

Wearable devices like the FitBit allow the user to continually track their good behaviors, like the amount of exercise you participate in during the day. Furthermore, the associated apps help you keep track of things like calories and water consumed in order to help users to live more nutritional lifestyle. But the latest wearable technology has found a way to do the exact opposite; tack and punish a user when they take part in one of their many unhealthy habits. Created by Behavior Technology Group, Inc., the wearable device known as “Pavlock” is a tracker that delivers an electric shock to user when they engage in a bad habit. Some of the features are synced with your smartphone while others must be administered manually. Examples include automatically shocking a user whenever their phones GPS signals that they are close to a fast food restaurant, or user administering a shock when they unknowingly engage in a bad habit like biting their fingernails.

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