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Meet the First Artificially Intelligent Healthcare App

Artificial intelligence and healthcare have been closely tied together as such technologies as IBM Watson have worked with doctors in diagnosing certain diseases. Still, no form of artificial intelligence has been used in conjunction with an app to deliver consumers information and diagnosis on their symptoms directly. The reason is that many are unsure if artificial intelligence is accurate enough to safely diagnose patients without the supervision of doctors. But in Nigeria, where doctors are scarce and medical information isn’t readily available to the public, the use of an AI medical app is the best option. In Nigeria “over 2,300 children under five and 145 women of childbearing age die daily,” and many of these deaths could be averted if proper information and simple diagnosis were made readily available. That’s where AskNuma comes into play. Because Numa Health understands this desperate need for information, they provided an app that can diagnose most common cases presented through their website. Patients only need access to their website, which has become more available in recent years.

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