QuantumMark Case Studies

QuantumMark has a wide range of completed projects in the Public health sector and in doing so we have applied our experiences to a number of case studies.

Over the last 15 years, QuantumMark has assisted the Offices of Vital Records in 11 states to modernize their processes and systems.  We are now recognized as a national leader in vital records transformation. Our work has been conducted at every level of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Read more

QuantumMark was selected to assist the State to develop the regulations, policies, procedures and organizational structure to implement this program.The focus was on efficiently and effectively meeting the goals of the legislation while creating a secure environment that would protect the public interest. Read more

QuantumMark assists transitions by with Adult Mental Health Facilities (1)developing the project plan, providing ongoing project management and issue resolution, and (2) working with the hospital team and management to create the strategy and approach for implementing a compliant practices of facilities. Read more

QuantumMark’s Health Program Assistance is designed for programs not properly implemented or progressing. When hired, QuantumMark rectifies these situations through program assessment, process re engineering, implementation and continual quality measurement processes. Read more

QuantumMark, LLC was engaged to facilitate a team of representatives from all the health licensing and certification functions to agree on where and how standardized processes could be effectively adopted and if there are any programs that were too unique to standardize. Read more

QuantumMark, LLC works with Department staff to develop Electronic Birth Registration System (EBRS) and Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) Rollout Plans.  In addition, QuantumMark offers facilitation of system transitions and training to system staff members. Read more

Time was of the essence as the funding previously authorized at the State level was being cut in anticipation of Medicaid reimbursement for SAPTA services.  Delays would leave the State with insufficient funds to pay for services rendered. QuantumMark, LLC was hired to work with SAPTA in a number of engagements to assist. Read more

With new systems in place, QuantumMark worked with the NCCR to implement a quality improvement system that would foster improvements in timeliness and quality and be sustainable after the project was completed. Read more