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28Mar 17

Bad Luck Gene May cause Cancer

Life style choices like smoking will increase your chances of cancer, so will hereditary and environmental factors, but they may not be the biggest factor to determine if your body grows cancer cells. Scientists have posted to the Journal of Science their findings of a new “Bad Luck” gene that accounts for 66% of the genetic mistakes that turn into…

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24Mar 17

Spinach Leafs Solve Bioengineering Problem

With the help of technologies such as 3D printers, science has been able make tremendous strides in the field of Bioengineering. But each of these breakthroughs isn’t without its complex problems. One, which has stumped scientists for a while, is creating vascular systems to be used with 3D tissues. When creating these 3D tissues, there needs to be a way…

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23Mar 17

DNA Computers

The creation of the computer has allowed humanity to make unbelievable breakthroughs in technology and propel us into a new technological age. The most exciting aspect of our technological age is the continual innovations we achieve to further develop the greatest computers. Scientists at the University of Manchester are working on creating computers using DNA, and they may be the…

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20Mar 17

Helping the Blind See Computer Screens

Everyone with healthy, fully functional vision at some point takes it for granted. The ability to see is not only a blessing when walking around town or navigation your own home, but it’s also paramount when using computers and technology. You may not have thought of it, but how do those without fully functional vision use all these computer based…

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19Mar 17

Creating a Zika Antibody

Research performed by teams at Purdue University, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Washington University School of Medicine may lead to a cure for the Zika virus. An antibody isolated from a person infected with Zika was able to neutralize the Zika strain in American, Asian and African lineages. Furthermore, the antibody was tested on mice and found that it reduced…

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16Mar 17

Tech Check for Children’s Hearing

The annual SXSW Health and Wearable Tech award was given to a company called Sound Scouts. Sound Scouts understood that there is a fundamental need for parents to check their child’s hearing not just when they are born, but as they grow as well. Hearing loss can develop at any time during a child’s life and not only affect their…

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