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Relationships – the Real Drivers of Success

A follow-up post from our time and takeaways at the WBEC-West conference.
WBENC 2017
As a first year participant in the annual WBEC-West conference, all we can say is WOW. From the people to the opportunities, we want to sincerely thank WBEC-West for all they do, and for bringing women-owned businesses together to help one another.

This year, QuantumMark had the honor of not only attending the conference in San Diego, but were also 1 of 10 companies selected from a group of 47 to pitch to a prestigious group of Utility and Energy Industry companies. The connections and feedback we received from this experience were truly priceless. The experience of creating a short, 5 minute pitch helped the entire QuantumMark team challenge the way we think, and to be concise and specific; in other words, a fantastic learning and team building experience.

In addition to our pitching opportunity, one of the most valuable elements of the conference was hearing the success stories of small women-owned businesses that have managed to grow themselves from a small company to a multi-million dollar one. These women have continued to be a pioneer in their respective industries, and generously shared their tips and advice to help QuantumMark and other companies grow and succeed. It was inspiring to see women helping women, and to witness the intelligence that filled each room. We made amazing new contacts, rekindled previous contacts, and WBEC-West gained another annual conference attendee.

Another key takeaway came from hearing, first hand, what industry experts like Chevron, Kaiser and Disney look for when selecting a supplier. They happily shared the current opportunities that exist, where they see opportunities for the future, and what pain points they still need help defining.  A theme that was seen from small to large companies in every industry, was the commitment to diversity; companies are seeing clearly the difference in quality that comes from a diverse supplier base, and are opening more and more windows of opportunity to companies and individuals of all backgrounds and expertise.

It was also clear that companies really emphasize the importance of giving back to the community. As a company built on a philosophy of ethics and social responsibility, QuantumMark loves knowing that companies around the globe are putting corporate dollars behind bettering humanity one community at a time.

In the end, everything we learned and experienced can be summarized in one word: “Relationship.” The importance of a work-life balance relationship, of fostering strong relationships with your community, understanding that relationships are what successful businesses are built on, and seizing the opportunity to build upon the relationships we initiated while at the conference.  As one speaker put it “Relationships are drivers of your business – and drivers of your heart.”

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