We have a proven track record of 100% client satisfaction for every project ever completed.


QuantumMark’s partners have over twenty-five years of combined experience working with large scale public and private sector engagements providing stability and consistency for their clients. As a small business, it is important to QuantumMark to start and finish projects with the staff and leadership set forth in their proposals. Clients can trust that the personnel represented within a proposal will, in fact, be the ones performing the project tasks.


All projects are risky. The bigger and more important the project is, the bigger the risk. Frequent causes of failure include unrealistic or differing expectations among relevant parties, lack of planning, missed deadlines, lack of top management involvement, lack of user involvement, and a poor statement of requirements. QuantumMark has an impressive track record of helping our clients overcome these hurdles by building a strong foundation from which a new project can launch.


Strong and effective project management is important to any project. It is absolutely critical when the project’s outcome is essential to your success, when the project is costly, has far reaching impact, must be done in a limited timeframe or is at the leading edge of your experience. QuantumMark can work with you to provide the level of service needed to achieve your goals. One of the following products may be just what you need. If you don’t see a good fit, let us customize a solution for you.

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Kim West