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Understanding the true pain point of a client is a critical step in defining a lasting solution for them, and here at QuantumMark we have 30+ years’ experience in helping customers identify their top business problem. We’ve found that this “true problem” is often different than what they originally thought, and that time and resources are often wasted trying to create a solution for the wrong problem. Once we have worked together with the client to define their top pain point, we help them develop a strong solution that works for them, their vendor(s), and any stakeholders involved. Making sure a solution works for everyone involved is a critical element, because this allows for continued success without opposition. Specific items we cover in our assessment are:

  • Identifying the non-value add: The first step in an assessment is taking a thorough look at the current business landscape, taking note of pipeline, employee retention, company growth and everything in between. Once this baseline data is collected, we are able to accurately identify what the “problem causers” or non-value adds are, and helping clients to prioritize them from most least important to most important. This allows us to help guide our clients to a true understanding of their top pain point, and get trusted buy-off on creating a solution for that identified problem. It is important for QuantumMark that clients understand the importance of fixing identifying and fixing their top pain point first, as this often has a successful “trickle down” effect of fixing the other ones as well, i.e. is the most efficient solution, as efficiency is key to QuantumMark.

  • Holistic Assessment: Once we have clearly identified the top non-value add for our client, and have their understanding and buyoff, we make sure to look at the problem from the whole spectrum – people, process, and materials. By taking this holistic approach, we ensure that there are not additional problems we didn’t identify in our original assessment that might cause hiccups and issues when creating our solution. Additionally, this holistic view ensures that any solution we create will fit seamlessly into the overall structure of the client’s company, and will align with the strategic goals and growth of the business as a whole.

  • Improvement Plan: The last step in QuantumMark’s assessment process is creating an improvement plan for the identified pain point. The improvement plan acts as a road-map for our clients and our team, identifying any potential blockers, questions, and general reasons the plan wouldn’t be successful. The goal is producing a more efficient and valuable business model and process for the client, and to provide them with a clear understanding of how to continue to adapt their business for success throughout the years.

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