Understanding the true pain point of a client is a critical step in defining a lasting solution. QuantumMark has 30+ years’ experience in helping customers identify their actual business problem, since this can often be different than what they first thought it was. From there, we help them develop a strong solution that works for them, their vendor, and any other stakeholders involved. Specific items we cover in our assessment are:

  • Identifying the non-value add: The first step in any assessment is to take a thorough look at the current business situation, and identify what the “problem causing,” non-value add is. If there are multiples, QuantumMark helps to identify the first priority, and brings focus to that one.
  • Holistic Assessment: Once we have the non-value add identified, we make sure to look at it from the whole spectrum – people, process, and materials. This ensures that there are not additional problems we didn’t identify, and makes sure that any solution we create will seamlessly fit into the overall client structure.
  • Improvement Plan: The last step in QuantumMark’s assessment process is creating an improvement plan for the identified problem. This plan acts as a road-map for our clients and our team, with the goal of producing a more efficient and valuable business model and processes.

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