Clients often need to bring in an outside party to help facilitate a desired outcome. This might be because the client doesn’t have the resources to accomplish this internally, or it could be that the various parties involved have different ideas about the best solution. QuantumMark has 30+ years’ experience in providing this objective mediation and guidance help to clients. Sample process include:

  • Meditating contentious projects: Often, contention arises within a company, and no one is sure of the best path forward. QuantumMark helps clients by being the neutral mediator, to ease tension and manage the group. We listen to the varying views and opinions, conduct needed assessments and research, and help guide everyone to a neutral decision that benefits all parties.

  • Group Facilitation: When there are large groups of people focused on solving a problem, it can be hard to stay on track, and ensure the resolution created answers the initial question or problem. QuantumMark serves as an unbiased guide to facilitate large groups of clients and employees toward the desired outcome with efficiency and respect.

  • Outcome resolution: When clients and staff differ on the effectiveness of an adopted solution, QuantumMark can be brought in to provide outcome facilitation. This means that we take a look at the problem and given solution, and we help to facilitate discussion about alternative ideas and solutions with the goal of creating a stronger and more sustainable conclusion that all parties can embrace.

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