Marijuana Consulting Services

Marijuana Consulting Services

The legalization of Marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes is taking hold across the United States. As laws are passed to regulate marijuana from seed to sale, both state governments and individual business owners have the daunting task of navigating through the rules, regulations and laws put in place.

How can QuantumMark help?

QuantumMark can help you with the professional planning, implementation and creation of your state’s Marijuana Program; or the development of successful business practices for private marijuana business establishments.

Through our intimate involvement with the implementation process for Nevada’s new Medical Marijuana Program, we have gained a thorough knowledge of the process from drafting the regulations to the successful implementation of the application and evaluation process. Included in our work with Nevada’s Department of Public and Behavioral Health was the development of the application for medical marijuana establishments as well as the evaluation criteria, process and procedures.

State Marijuana Program Development

QuantumMark has the expertise to help you and your team with all or part of the process of implementing marijuana related programs. Our experience can guide you in project management and oversight, assist the state during the legislative process, development and adoption of regulations, organizational design and budget development, licensing processes and procedures, application development, evaluation criteria and process development, requirements definition for marijuana systems, community outreach, training and more.

Marijuana Business Consulting Services

Are you an Established Marijuana Business? Are you struggling to meet deadlines or are your operations experiencing issues? QuantumMark is here to help!

We can give you the guidance and professional help that you need to achieve success in your marijuana business. We have the expertise and experience to provide assistance in your interactions with the state and its marijuana laws and regulations. QuantumMark will provide the highest level of support to match our experience with your business acumen in developing a comprehensive and successful marijuana business plan. Read More.

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