State Marijuana Consulting

State Marijuana Consulting

As the legalization of marijuana has started to take hold in the United States, QuantumMark has had the unique opportunity to add marijuana program development to our vast experience and expertise through our work with the public sector.

In 2013, QuantumMark was retained to work with the State of Nevada to facilitate the implementation of the new medical marijuana program. As part of the preparation to undertake the project, we completed a comparative analysis of medical marijuana regulations in fourteen other states. Over three consecutive projects we completed the following scopes of work:

  • Project Management and Oversight
  • Development and Adoption of Regulations
  • Organizational Design and Budget Development
  • Development of Licensing Processes and Procedures
  • Application Development
  • Evaluation Criteria and Process Development
  • Requirements Definition for Marijuana Systems
  • Community Outreach
  • Development and Facilitation of Training for Staff

Our ability to build on the experience we have allows us a unique perspective and a wealth of best practices. We can provide both a well thought out approach to your project, as well as define efforts to deliver excellent results through the application of lessons learned in the last few years. As the industry grows states will begin to develop their individual programs. With our experience QuantumMark can deliver comprehensive results for each state and develop a successful program.

We want to be your project partner for success!

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