QuantumMark Medical Billing and Coding Services

Are you working long, demanding hours with little to show for it?
QuantumMark can help with daily medical billing reimbursement and coding activities to keep you focused on your practice’s core operations.

Medical Billing and Coding Services
Medical practices today face many challenges. Federal and State mandates are requiring more data and attention to detail than ever before. Never-ending documentation, HIPAA regulations, payer issues and staffing concerns leave many physicians and providers barely able to see enough patients to make ends meet.

QuantumMark understands the dilemma practices are facing. In our conversations with physicians, providers and practice managers we constantly hear the same story – long, demanding hours with little to show for it in the bottom line.

That’s where QuantumMark’s Billing Reimbursement and Coding Services can help. Our skilled staff come alongside medical practices to offer a reprieve from the onslaught of the daily “musts” to give time and attention to those core tasks that are crucial to keep the practice operating at maximum efficiency.

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Our services include:

  • Billing Reimbursement and Coding
  • ICD-10 Training and Transition
  • Audits
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Revenue Retrieval
  • Reimbursement Maximization
  • Bad Debt Reduction
  • Special Projects

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