QM Training

Does your staff need specialized training for your project?
QM Training provides high-level training resources online and at your convenience.

QM Training
QuantumMark, LLC has extensive experience planning for, organizing, and delivering training in a variety of formats. These formats include in person training, online training, one-on-one training and mentoring. Our audience may be your entire project team, selected team members or external stakeholders such as end users/customers.

Training Planning

Training Plans are developed through collaboration with the client to define the training objectives, determine the scope of work to be accomplished, and set the roles and responsibilities for QuantumMark, LLC and the client.

Training Organization

Depending upon the type of training to be accomplished, there may be many organizational tasks to be completed such as instructor vetting, scheduling, tracking, budgeting and documentation.

Training Facilitation

This type of training assists third parties who may not have training experience but do have the subject matter knowledge required for the session. Training facilitation involves the oversight of pre-training activities, review of training materials, preparing and training the instructor in training delivery, monitoring of the actual training and conducting post-training follow up activities.

Training Delivery

QuantumMark, LLC has a proven track record of delivering training content to a variety to audiences both in-person and through virtual online based trainings. Our experience includes training individuals and groups on projects both large and small.

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