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To grow, a business has to undergo change on some scale. At QuantumMark, we understand that change is hard and is often resisted by employees. As we engage with our clients we help identify and define the change so that it can be communicated in a non-threatening way to those who will be affected by it. We bring cohesion and collaboration to the team for maximum buy-in. In order to minimize disruptions, we balance the importance of a quick, thorough re-engineering process with the cultural environment of a client’s office. We create quick, efficient, sustainable processes to improve business flows. Well-organized business environments allow clients to focus on customers, products and services, thus helping them meet their goals, both short and long term. Some of the steps included in our process are:

  • Identifying and outlining client goals and objects: The most critical step for successfully ushering in change is developing a full understanding of the clients goals, both immediate and future. Goals must match the overall objectives of the company. At QuantumMark, we guide our clients to think holistically, so that any process put into place creates a stronger work environment and company.
  • Re-imagining the current process in a modernized and efficient manner: Once there is a strong foundational understanding of the overarching goals of a client, QuantumMark sets to work evaluating the current processes, and re imagining new ones that meet the goals in a shorter, more effective manner. During this process, we also take into account the company’s values, to make sure those are expressed throughout the new processes.
  • Creating a rollout plan for the new process: QuantumMark’s promise to customers is to leave them with a sustainable business and strong action plan for success. Therefore we never just give clients the new processes for improvement without also providing a clear rollout plan. We ideally work with our clients throughout the implementation phase of re-engineering, in order to coordinate all the people, processes and deadlines.

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