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System + Technology Implementation

System and Technology Implementation

At QuantumMark, we understand that technology and systems are constantly changing, updating, and being replaced, and that navigating this evolving landscape can be tricky. Whether you are the individual selling, person purchasing the new technology or system, or actually the one using it, we make the process easier for our clients, because we speak vendor. This means that we can guide our clients to an understanding of their choices, and what the best option is for them, based off their specific needs and pain points. Once we help them choose the best option, QuantumMark then facilitates the back and forth between client and vendor throughout the entire process (choosing, implementation, training, etc.). Some of the specific elements we often provide clients with are:

  • RFP Creation: We work with clients to create the RFPs for their needed new technology or system, helping to ensure that they are asking the right questions, clearly defining their system requirements, and fully capturing the needs and pain points the technology/system is required to meet and fix. This is arguably the most critical step when looking at implementing a new technology/system, and with 30+ years experience in creating RFPs, QuantumMark knows exactly what to say and how to say it, so both parties are speaking the same language. A strong RFP is key to receiving accurate bids and proposals, and this in turn leads to a successful implementation and happy client.

  • Implementation Plan: Once the system/technology vendor has been selected, QuantumMark works with both the client and vendor to develop an implementation plan. This plan is used throughout the life of the project to document scope, maintain timeliness and stay within budget. If any roadblocks arise, we tackle them with a level head, and make sure they don’t derail overall project success and momentum.

  • Training: : A key part to the success of a new system or technology implementation is to train the individuals required to use it on a daily basis on how to use it effectively and efficiently. At QuantumMark, we strategically train internal and external stakeholders along each step of the process, so they have the skills to use their new system/technology to its fullest. By training along each step, rather than just one element, we are also ensuring that current stakeholders truly understand, and can accurately train new employees and stakeholders, when the time comes. This combination allows the client to achieve the highest ROI possible, and ultimately remain a happy customer of the system/technology.

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