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Although it might seem obvious, at QuantumMark we know that a new technology, equipment, or process is only effective when the employees and stakeholders embrace it and understand how to use it. Sadly, we often see the important step of training overlooked, and therefore began to devote our own resources to fixing the discrepancy in all of our own projects, as well as those we were brought into it. Now, QuantumMark have experience training small to large groups of people, both in person and virtually, because our team truly takes the time to learn what is needed to pass the information on how to use a system/technology/equipment along to those individuals who will be interacting and using the tool or system on a daily basis. In this way, we are able to close the gap between implementation and use, and make sure our customers get the maximum ROI on their investment. Find out if our training expertise is right for you!

  • Remote Training for System End-Users: QuantumMark provides live, interactive online training that is conducted by one of our skilled trainers. Our technique allows attendees to actively participate through Q&As, as well as hands on in the system (when available). This leaves trainees with a clear understanding and a sound knowledge base to effectively use the system in real life.

  • Supervisory Training: A key element for continued project, goal, and overall company success is having a strong supervisor; someone who can continue to motivate team members, provide guidance and feedback, and drive strategic goals and objectives towards completion. QuantumMark offers client-specific Supervisor training to help companies add value to their existing employee base, which in turn leads to higher employee retention, creates internal brand champions, and ensures continued success.

  • Project Management Training: The backbone to any project or service is making sure you have a strong project management individual or team in place, so they can drive deliverables and provide quality results on time. Because this is something QuantumMark has excelled in for 30+ years, we developed a Project Management Course that individuals or entire companies can take, to help them understand the important elements required to be successful, maintain said success, and ultimately grow their business and personal careers.

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