Vital Records? QuantumMark Have You Covered.


QuantumMark has been working in Vital Records (VR) for over two decades. We have provided a wide range of project management services for 11 States with planning for and implementing electronic registration systems and streamlining processes and procedures. QuantumMark has unmatched experience in Vital Records projects. Our methodology represents the best practices gathered from our numerous state projects and incorporates the standards and guidelines set forth by NAPHSIS, CDC and NCHS.

Four elements that make our Vital Records projects successful, are:

  • Superior Project Management

Effective project management delivers a project’s end result on time, within budget, according to specifications and at a level of quality that exceeds management expectations. QuantumMark employs lean methodology to ensure our clients achieve maximum value for efficient and sustainable processes.

  • Functional requirements definition

A comprehensive analysis of the functional requirements for a new technology system is critical to the achievement of a successful implementation. QuantumMark has developed extensive customizable requirements templates that are made available for vendors to use in responding to an RFP. Additionally, the templates provide apples to apples scoring comparisons across all responders.

  • Expertise in developing RFPs

Our expertise in developing RFPs and evaluating vendor responses gives us the experience that states need to help guide the evaluation process to facilitate the selection of the best solution.

  • Implementation and oversight activities

Armed with the defined requirements and the scope of services, QuantumMark works with states to oversee implementation activities so that both the system as well a processes and procedures result in efficient Vital Records programs.

A few of our past Vital Records projects include the States of Alaska, Arkansas, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, and more. With the world’s fast pace and an ever-evolving technology environment, having a trusted expert in any field is an extremely valuable tool. When it comes to Vital Records expertise, QuantumMark is that expert. Our services will get your Vital Records system transformed, find the best software solution to fit your unique needs and manage all the people and tasks to help you reach your goals and achieve sustainable success – all while providing you with “Project Peace of Mind.”

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