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Beating the Bias – 3 new project management perspectives to bring you success in 2019

Project Management

Project management – you’ve heard it, seen it, used it, but do you really know it? The concept of what project management can cover, and all that is included in it, is often misunderstood and under-utilized in our work culture today. While there are countless benefits that project management brings to a company (view our previous blogs to learn a few of them), most companies and business decision makers don’t think of it, and therefore often suffer business loss because of it. To help beat the project management bias, our team has put together 3 tips for you to view project management differently in 2019 and beyond, to help you have your most successful year ever:

1. Stop being afraid or leary of hiring an outside project manager – their perspective is invaluable

People often fear that hiring an outside project manager will mean more effort on their part to bring them “up to speed” on the workings of the company or project. Alternatively companies feel like their internal team should be able to handle everything. Don’t fall into this trap! One of the most important elements companies gain when working with a project manager is their neutral third-party perspective, something necessary to ensure your project, solution, and goals are functional and realistic. Just be prepared to listen to their feedback…

2. Don’t let the price tag scare you – the benefits will outweigh the cost

Similar to feeling that hiring an outside project manager will cost companies valuable time bringing them on board, many people see the price tag that comes with a project manager and automatically assumes they can’t afford them. This couldn’t be less true – while a project manager might require some money up front, they add valuable insight, expertise and perspective that end up saving your budget for other important matters.

3. Don’t think project management is only useful for big initiatives

People often assume a project manager is only used for a big initiative….and while they are important here, it is NOT the only use for them. Project managers often add the most value in the smaller projects, company cultural changes, and process improvement areas. Broaden your thinking : Do you have a goal to meet? Then a project manager is right for you!

While there are many ways to change your thinking about project management and ensure you achieve remarkable business success, the above 3 are some of the most common biases we’ve encountered over our 30 years as project managers. So, take our advice: give project management a chance – you won’t regret it.

Interested in learning more about project management and how it can benefit you? Contact us today for an exclusive strategy session! If you’re interested in learning more, and discussing other issues, email Kim West, or connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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