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20Feb 18

Marijuana and the Opioid Crisis: Thoughts from the Industry

A hot topic in American news right now is the current opioid crisis, or epidemic, as some are calling it. From Public Health to Federal Government to Veterans and more, everyone is fighting to gain control over the crisis, and save American lives. Right now, it is estimated that 175…

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31Jan 18

The Outlook of Marijuana in 2018

For anyone involved in the Cannabis Industry, particularly those on the business side, the New Year started out with some worrisome announcements, namely Attorney General Jeff Sessions' rescindment of Obama era Cole memo. For those not familiar with it, the Cole memo was put in place by previous Attorney General…

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16Jan 18

The Modernization of Public Health

Public Health is undeniably a hot topic in today’s ever-globalizing world, especially with the resurgence of old disease such as the black plague, and the changing political policies to healthcare, both in the United States and abroad. One particular element that deserves recognition is the modernization of the public health…

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Press Releases

Australia Wrap Up: Looking Back On a Wonderful and Productive Trip

QuantumMark was given a great opportunity to travel with Governor Sandoval, some of his staff, and other Trade Mission attendees to the beautiful continent of Australia. During the two week trip, QuantumMark visited the cities of Melbourne in Victoria, Sydney in New South Wales, and Brisbane in Queensland. While there, the trade delegates attended a number of briefings, meetings, receptions and events to discuss opportunities for collaboration between Nevada and Australia. As a bonus, delegates enjoyed a bit of personal time to explore some of the famous Australian landmarks.
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QuantumMark is Traveling to Australia!

QuantumMark will be visiting the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane as part Governor Sandoval’s International Trade Mission to Australia. Kim West, Director of Business Development, will be making the trip in hopes of building stronger relationships with State government and Nevada companies, as well as seeking opportunities to build working relationships with public and private sector organizations in Australia. The trade delegation’s events start in Melbourne on July 27th with stops in Sydney and Brisbane. The delegation will return to Nevada on August 6th . Throughout the trip there will be networking events, business-to-business meetings, and presentations as well as free-time to discover the beautiful continent of Australia.
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Congratulations to Urban Indians for Opening a New Medical Facility

QuantumMark LLC would like to congratulate one of our newest clients, Nevada Urban Indians, for the recent opening of their new medical facility. The facility is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is located in Reno, NV off of South McCarran Blvd and Kietzke Lane, east of Talbot. Their medical facility offers clients comprehensive medical assessments and treatments, focusing on prevention, education, and self-management.
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QuantumMark, LLC to Exhibit at the 2015 NSMA Annual Meeting at Lake Tahoe, Nevada on April 24, 2015

QuantumMark, LLC will be a featured vendor at the Nevada State Medical Association (NSMA) Annual Meeting, April 24-26, 2015 at Lake Tahoe, Nev. The yearly NSMA meeting is an educational and networking event for state medical professionals across Nevada. QuantumMark, LLC will display information on the Company’s Medical Revenue Retrieval, Auditing, Coding and Billing Services.
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White Papers

Legalizing Marijuana: A Strategy for Success

As new marijuana programs are established, states can look to early adopters for guidance. More experience is needed to assemble a set of “best practices” from the various approaches taken. However, these pioneer states have exposed challenges that must be effectively addressed by any state ready to establish a new marijuana program. Three important challenges include: Regulating an industry that is legal at the state level but illegal at the federal level, Reconciling the differing perspectives of the many interested stakeholder groups, and the Large-scale multifaceted implementation.
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Growing your own Talent Pool through Projects

An internet search on “aging workforce” returns a wide range of studies and opinions on the probable impact of baby boomer retirement. Will this be a “silver tsunami” threatening the foundation of organizations, an opportunity to breathe new life into old programs with fresh new talent, or the nonevent that many perceive the Y2K phenomenon to have been? While the answer differs among organizations the statistics on public sector retirement indicate cause for concern. A briefing report from the General Accounting Office (GAO)1 in January of 2014 notes that of the 1.96 million permanent career employees in the federal government, around 31 percent will be eligible to retire by September 2017, up from 14 percent in September 2012. The report indicates that, left unaddressed, such numbers could produce “mission critical skill gaps.”
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Application of Automated Pathology Reporting Concepts to Radiology Reports JRM Fall 2012

The key to improving the cancer surveillance system in the United States is the timely collection and integration of patient information from multiple sources within a medical care environment and across multiple institutions.1 Currently, about 95% of cancers are diagnosed through pathology reports from either hospital-based or independent laboratories.2 A number of initiatives underway since 2000 have applied natural language processing (NLP) techniques to automate the process of identifying and submitting reportable pathology cases to central and hospital registries. Today, automated pathology reporting is the primary tool for extraction of case information from pathology reports for this purpose.3,4 Currently, however, there is no similar software broadly available to extract potentially reportable cases from other data sources. The goal of our study was to extend automated pathology reporting to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain and computed tomography (CT) scans of the head and neck to provide a cost-effective method of finding reports of CNS neoplasms that may currently go undetected.
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Medical Marijuana: A National Perspective

This presentation, Lead by QuantumMark’s own Kim West and Kelley Jessee, took place in January of 2015 as part of a medical marijuana panel discussion for the Washoe County Medical Society.

In this presentation we discuss the Federal Perspective and Current State Status on Medical Marijuana; Comparison of Qualifying Conditions Among States; Most Cited Pros and Cons; and Emerging Marijuana Issues

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Medical Marijuana: What Nevada Lawyers Need to Know

This presentation, Lead by QuantumMark’s own Kim West and Kelley Jessee, took place in December 2014 and was presented to the Nevada Bar Association during their December Administrative Law Section Luncheon Speaker Series.

In this presentation we discuss Medical Marijuana Legislation in Nevada; Highlights of the Regulations; Emerging Issues; Looking Forward
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