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18Apr 18

Worried that Compliance Issues will shut down your Marijuana establishment?

Compliance – the dirty word that everyone dreads. For businesses in the Nevada Marijuana Industry, compliance has become an even bigger headache as the crackdown and punishments for running an establishment in a non-compliant manner are increasing. A great example of this is the recent shutdown of 4 of the 9 testing labs in our State, an event no one…

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03Apr 18

Evolution of Healthcare Technology, and the Real-World Effects on Us All

Healthcare technology has come a long way, both in the United States and the world. From the equipment available to doctors, to electronic health records, to the new trend of virtual doctor visits, the focus is on being better. Better at diagnosing diseases; better at taking care of patients; better at surgeries; the list goes on. All of this is…

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21Mar 18

Company Culture – Embracing the Digital Landscape

When thinking of company culture, people often think of a physical office and face to face interactions. However, the reality is that in our business world today, things are becoming more and more digital. People are working remotely, companies have offices in different cities, states and countries, with people working in different time zones on the same project. How then,…

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07Mar 18

4 Crucial Elements for a Positive and Thriving Company Culture

Today, companies are evolving, growing, and changing faster than ever. Whether this is in the form of expanding markets, becoming more digitally focused, or a myriad of other reasons, people sometimes forget that a company’s culture always has to change along with it. While attention might be more readily externally focused, research is showing more and more that equal, if…

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20Feb 18

Marijuana and the Opioid Crisis: Thoughts from the Industry

A hot topic in American news right now is the current opioid crisis, or epidemic, as some are calling it. From Public Health to Federal Government to Veterans and more, everyone is fighting to gain control over the crisis, and save American lives. Right now, it is estimated that 175 Americans die per day due to opioid overdoses, an addiction…

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31Jan 18

The Outlook of Marijuana in 2018

For anyone involved in the Cannabis Industry, particularly those on the business side, the New Year started out with some worrisome announcements, namely Attorney General Jeff Sessions' rescindment of Obama era Cole memo. For those not familiar with it, the Cole memo was put in place by previous Attorney General James Cole, and it outlined a set of rules that…

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