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12Sep 18

So, you want to Hire a Project Manager, but don’t have approval; Now What? 3 tips for getting upper management on board, so you can provide the results they want

You, like many others, realize that hiring an excellent project manager is necessary to achieve success in your latest endeavor/initiative. While you and your team are convinced, your upper management/CEOs are not. They may even ask why you can’t just do this on your own. What can you do? Our team sees this frequently and we’ve got 3 tips to…

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29Aug 18

Don’t Panic! Project Management is the answer you’ve been looking for: 3 scenarios to utilize Project Management for business success

So, you’re panicking: you’ve been given specific goals, maybe with very short notice, that you have to meet with exceptional results. But, where do you start? How can you be sure you’ll be successful? What team members do you need involve? These are just a few of the questions many people find themselves asking in business, and it can seem…

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23Aug 18

3 common project management mistakes companies make, and how to avoid them

Project management is often a misunderstood and undervalued component of growth for companies and individuals, and times is even seen as a “necessary evil,” something that eats away at the budget, and involves someone nagging people to get things done. While some nagging is without a doubt part of project management, it is only a small portion, and should not…

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16Aug 18

3 Reasons why accurate Cause of Death is more important now than ever

While information and media coverage of deaths are more prevalent than ever, little attention is given to why the causes of a person’s death matters to the broader population. While this may seem like a morbid thing to focus on, it actually plays a key role in the overall health of the public. Read below to learn 3 areas where…

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09Aug 18

What Influences Cause of Death Reporting? How to maintain objectivity

Cause of death reporting is not a new subject, in the news or to you, our readers. For QuantumMark, it is a major player in the work we do for many clients and has become something we think of daily. From how it effects health crises in our country (refer to our previous blog for more info) to the problems…

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25Jul 18

Creating Positive Work Culture: 3 Top Mistakes Companies are Making, and How You Can Avoid Them

Company culture – it seems that every article and tweet nowadays is about this topic. Company culture impacts everything from employee retention to business results and more (for further reference see our previous blog). Having a successful work environment plays a critical role in today’s work economy, regardless of the industry. Avoiding these top mistakes can set your company up…

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