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20Feb 18

Marijuana and the Opioid Crisis: Thoughts from the Industry

A hot topic in American news right now is the current opioid crisis, or epidemic, as some are calling it. From Public Health to Federal Government to Veterans and more, everyone is fighting to gain control over the crisis, and save American lives. Right now, it is estimated that 175 Americans die per day due to opioid overdoses, an addiction…

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31Jan 18

The Outlook of Marijuana in 2018

For anyone involved in the Cannabis Industry, particularly those on the business side, the New Year started out with some worrisome announcements, namely Attorney General Jeff Sessions' rescindment of Obama era Cole memo. For those not familiar with it, the Cole memo was put in place by previous Attorney General James Cole, and it outlined a set of rules that…

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16Jan 18

The Modernization of Public Health

Public Health is undeniably a hot topic in today’s ever-globalizing world, especially with the resurgence of old disease such as the black plague, and the changing political policies to healthcare, both in the United States and abroad. One particular element that deserves recognition is the modernization of the public health system, particularly how it tackles the ever-increasing risks to the…

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03Jan 18

Physician Exhaustion: Why We all Need to Break the Taboo

When thinking of healthcare in the United States, most people’s first thought revolves around the patients and their needs, not around the physicians and how they are doing. However, physician health and mental well-being is one of the areas in the American healthcare system that is suffering the most, and many people point to the way medicine is practiced in…

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04Dec 17

The Effects of Inadequate Training in Vital Statistics

It can go without saying that to accurately and efficiently use a new system, process, equipment, etc., the user has to be TRAINED on how to do so. While we all understand this logically in our minds, it has been seen throughout various industries that the training element is often overlooked, to sometimes disastrous results. The Vital Records offices across…

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