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08Jan 19

The Secret Sauce – 3 ways Project Management helps your company expand

Company expansion and growth is something we all want and work for every year, and with 2019 already underway, now is the perfect time to strategically pursue this. But…are your techniques and tools for expansion working, or like many, are you caught in the rut of not being sure how to get your business to grow? Have no fear –…

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28Nov 18

How utilizing project management adds value to your employees, and helps you retain them

When thinking of project management, most companies and individuals think about what benefits they see in terms of meeting goals, utilizing budget effectively, and having a successful project overall. However, there is a very powerful side effect that needs to be considered; the increased value and loyalty employees gain, and therefore, you gain. Read below to learn 3 of the…

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21Nov 18

3 ways project management benefits your budget

Are you one of the MANY business people who fear that project management is yet another item that eats away at your budget, or isn’t worth investing in? This is one of the most common misconceptions in the business world today, and one that businesses need to change their thinking on ASAP. The reason? Project management is a tool for…

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15Nov 18

How to tell you you’ve hired a good project manager

Worried that you might be wasting money on the outside help you’ve hired? Unsure how to tell who is the best investment? We have you covered. As we’ve discussed in other blogs, hiring a project manager is one of the best choices a company can make… but only if it is a good one. How can you tell? Read below…

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08Nov 18

Why Every Industry Needs Project Management

Are you one of the many business that falls into the trap of thinking that hiring a project manager is not the right thing for you? Good news: you’re not alone. Bad news? You’re not alone. We’ve seen it time and time again where business from different industries think something like “project management is for construction” or “it’s for large…

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