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14Apr 17

Baby Boomers and the Future of Health Tech

Heath Technology has undergone a massive amount of change in the last decade or so. There are two main factors that are fueling this change. The first is obvious, the advancements in technology as a whole have allowed for the massive of health technology breakthroughs in recent years. The other factor influencing health technology are the types of patients that…

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13Apr 17

Meet the First Artificially Intelligent Healthcare App

Artificial intelligence and healthcare have been closely tied together as such technologies as IBM Watson have worked with doctors in diagnosing certain diseases. Still, no form of artificial intelligence has been used in conjunction with an app to deliver consumers information and diagnosis on their symptoms directly. The reason is that many are unsure if artificial intelligence is accurate enough…

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11Apr 17

We’re getting better at beating Cancer

"Overall cancer death rates continue to decrease in the United States, reflecting improvements in prevention, early detection, and treatment," says the National Cancer Institute.  Data gathered from 2010 to 2014 shows that we have decreased the number of deaths from cancer for children, women, and men by 1.6%, 1.4%, and 1.8% respectively. This overall decrease across the nation is attributed…

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11Apr 17

Keeping our K9’s Safe

Often overlooked, the K9 units that we use in law enforcement, and especially those in the border patrol, are often conducting their work in high pressure situations that could be detrimental to their health. The problem is we wouldn’t know it because we don’t have enough information on the subject. That’s why the Department of Homeland security offered tech companies…

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07Apr 17

Is Aging a Disease?

Scientist David Sinclair argues that “Aging is the one disease that we all get if we live long enough.” But what actually happens when we get older that allows our bodies to deteriorate? In Sinclair’s research, which has spanned over two decades, he has reverse engineered aging and found that over time key enzymes in our bodies lose their identity…

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06Apr 17

Why Deep Breaths Reduce Stress

When we feel anxious or stressed we are told to take long deep breaths in order to calm ourselves down. Additionally, yoga practitioners and meditators use deep breathing to eradicate anxious or stressful thoughts. This works because our mind and body have a connection that allows both our mind and body to react to different situations. Now scientists have dug…

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