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08Oct 14

Physicians – Improve Your Bottom Line

Physicians, are your patient accounts being paid in a timely manner? At QuantumMark, we know that a couple of simple actions can make all the difference in collecting what’s owed in an easy and efficient manner. The first step is making sure patients are aware that co-payments or deductible amounts are due when they are seen[1]. This eliminates follow-up with…

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03Oct 14

Legalizing Marijuana – Appropriate Involvement of Stakeholders

The legalization of marijuana has far reaching consequences for many different stakeholder groups. At the local jurisdiction level, government entities need to understand their constituents’ concerns about public safety. Marijuana consumers are interested in convenience of obtaining their product, legality of home grows and the assortment of products that will be made available to them. Law enforcement concerns include the…

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26Sep 14

Legalizing Marijuana – The Regulatory Process

Your State has just passed a bill to legalize marijuana …… now what do you do? Many States have asked this question as the push for legalization of marijuana gains momentum across the country. States now have many other states for reference when developing their regulations. Regulations were designed to set specific requirements about what is legal and what isn’t.…

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03Sep 14

Legalizing Marijuana – A State’s Strategy for Success

Have you noticed that every time you turn on the news lately you’re seeing stories about marijuana? Legalization of marijuana is gaining momentum across the United States. Polls show that 86% of Americans support making marijuana legal1. So the question is, do states have a clear course of action for developing their regulations, work-force, processes and policies? The answer is…

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02Sep 14

QuantumMark launches new line of services for medical practices

Physicians, are you leaving money uncollected? QuantumMark, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of a new line of services targeted for medical practices. Statistics show that physicians typically leave 24-30% of their income uncollected. The reasons behind this income loss are varied. It may be the result of simple errors in coding that require correction and resubmission to payers.…

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01May 14

2014 NAPHSIS Conference – A year of Vital Records

As we draw closer to the annual NAPHSIS Conference, we’re pleased to announce that for the sixth year in a row, QuantumMark will be a featured exhibitor. The theme for NAPHSIS (National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems) this year is “Vital Records: A Culture of Quality”, and QuantumMark will be showcasing information on the Company’s expertise and…

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26Feb 14

QuantumMark Starts of 2014 with a BANG!

There were no holidays for QuantumMark this year! Instead, our hands were full with providing implementation assistance and oversight to two of our long standing clients who went live on January 1st 2014 with new electronic vital records systems. QuantumMark provided project management assistance and oversight to the State of Alaska as they implemented their new web-based Electronic Death System…

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