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12Oct 15

Communicate Your Way to Project Success

What is the most critical contributing factor for project success? According to the Project Management Institute’s latest study, it’s Effective Communication. When communication is at its best projects are more likely to be on time, within the budget, and able to meet original goals.  Unfortunately, the PMI finds only one in four companies are highly-efficient communicators. If that doesn’t sound…

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09Oct 15

Nevada MMJ Patient Numbers Are Rising

At the end of August Nevada’s MMJ Patient base has grown to over 10,000. That’s up over 2,000 patients since the beginning of 2015 and there are still over 500 applications pending. This is good news for dispensaries looking to open their shops in Nevada. Read the full article in the link below. Source: 

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15Sep 15

On Marijuana Policy, Congress needs to pick up where it Left Off

Now that their August recess is over its time for Congress to get back to work on the annual budget, which may include appropriations for the new marijuana amendments recently approved. Of these amendments, a few in particular deserve Congresses undivided attention. The first being an amendment titled the “Rohrabacher-Farr amendment,” which blocks the enforcement of federal marijuana laws on people and businesses who…

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27Aug 15

More successes for Alaska and QuantumMark!

More successes for Alaska and QuantumMark!  After a successful on time, under budget EBRS implementation, the State of Alaska begins work on their Electronic Death System.  Diane Borhani, CMC and Managing Partner from QuantumMark was on site in Juneau, AK with Dion Luke and Joanna Breneman from Netsmart in early February to begin work on the second module of this…

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19Aug 15

Six Essentials for Managing an Aggressive Project Timeline

While it is dangerous to use the words always and never when making a rule, here is one that, from our experience, might be an exception. “The expected end date of a project never changes, but the start date always slips, and often slips significantly.”   When this occurs, the project team is scrambling to make up lost time from…

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23Jul 15

Senate Appropriations Committee Allows Marijuana Legalization to Move Forward in Nation’s Capital | Drug Policy Alliance

Contributed by Drug Policy Alliance  Also Votes to Allow Banks to Provide Services to State-Legalized Marijuana Stores Drug Policy Reform Moving Forward Nationally and in the States A key Senate committee passed a bill today allowing the nation’s capital to establish regulated marijuana stores and let banks provide financial services to state-legalized marijuana dispensaries. These are just two of several…

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08Jul 15

Establishing a Marijuana Business is Risky Business

Establishing a marijuana business is a big undertaking.  In addition to the more typical risks of doing something new, marijuana business is extra risky because it is federally illegal, there is a lot of competition and most often it is an all cash business. Risk Management helps anticipate and develop strategies to prevent negative events from seriously impacting the project. …

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