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23Mar 15

Legalizing Marijuana – Tips for Opening a Marijuana Business

Setting up your marijuana business is a big undertaking. Here are some important points to keep in mind. Be pro-active in planning for inspections. Include regular checkups along the way with the appropriate government entities to help ensure a smooth approval process. Compliance with regulations is essential. Take time to test out your processes at various points along the way…

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30Dec 14

What a year!

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is just a few days away. As we look back we can say that it’s been extremely busy and successful year. We have worked with four different states, launched a new services offering, expanded services into the marijuana industry and attended two important conferences. As we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome the New…

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06Nov 14

Tips For Tracking and Staying On Target With Your Accounts Receivable

Every practice manager knows that the billing process is a little like a living organism, always changing, growing and needing attention. That’s why tracking is so important – and it doesn’t stop with getting the bills out. Once billing has been sent out for payment, practices need a clear follow-up plan for tracking insurance and customer balances and payments. 1.…

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30Oct 14

Legalizing Marijuana – Marijuana Application Process

As states approve legislation for the legalization of marijuana, new processes, policies and procedures must be developed to administer the program. While states may find that many of the administrative processes are similar to their other state programs, the licensing process for medical marijuana is somewhat unique. Because the number of licenses available is typically limited, the process used to…

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08Oct 14

Physicians – Improve Your Bottom Line

Physicians, are your patient accounts being paid in a timely manner? At QuantumMark, we know that a couple of simple actions can make all the difference in collecting what’s owed in an easy and efficient manner. The first step is making sure patients are aware that co-payments or deductible amounts are due when they are seen[1]. This eliminates follow-up with…

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03Oct 14

Legalizing Marijuana – Appropriate Involvement of Stakeholders

The legalization of marijuana has far reaching consequences for many different stakeholder groups. At the local jurisdiction level, government entities need to understand their constituents’ concerns about public safety. Marijuana consumers are interested in convenience of obtaining their product, legality of home grows and the assortment of products that will be made available to them. Law enforcement concerns include the…

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26Sep 14

Legalizing Marijuana – The Regulatory Process

Your State has just passed a bill to legalize marijuana …… now what do you do? Many States have asked this question as the push for legalization of marijuana gains momentum across the country. States now have many other states for reference when developing their regulations. Regulations were designed to set specific requirements about what is legal and what isn’t.…

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