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03Nov 15

Legalization in Ohio May Get Complicated

With polls opening November 3rd, citizens of Ohio are able to vote on the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana.  If the amendment does pass, what should Ohio and its residents expect? Implementation, Regulation and possible litigation may all follow the amendment and the outcome may only complicate Ohio’s marijuana industry.    Read the full article HERE Source:

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27Oct 15

Where will recreational use be allowed in Alaska?

State regulators proposed a ban on cannabis clubs which has many concerned about where people can consume recreational marijuana in Alaska. If the club ban passes, citizens will only be able to consume recreational cannabis inside their private residences. The problem is, for those who rent their homes, landlords may not allow recreational use either. Even though these proposed regulations…

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26Oct 15

Three years in a Row Americans support legalization

The support for the legalization of marijuana has been above 50% since the start 0f 2013. Big news when you look back at where support used to be starting way back in the late 60’s. Beginning at around 12% support in 1969, no substantial support for marijuana showed up until the late 90’s. Many attribute this latest push to the…

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20Oct 15

Rising Prices for Recreation in Oregon

Among the other fees already associated with the sale of recreational marijuana, a new annual licensing fee has many owner worried about their bottom line. While still not signed into law, the draft of proposed rules would create the annual licensing fees in order pay for the oversight of the recreational marijuana industry.  These proposed rules must be drafted by…

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19Oct 15

Narrowing Down Nevada MMJ Patients

As of September a little over 11,000 Nevada residents were issued medical marijuana cards. A clause, which took effect in July, allowed the release of some important information about Nevada’s medical marijuana industry. The biggest surprise being that Nevada’s MMJ patients are very diverse. Patients are widely spread throughout age groups and their conditions vary dramatically. For dispensaries one thing…

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16Oct 15

Presidential Candidate May Vote Yes for Recreational Marijuana

In the 2008 election no presidential candidate would even consider decriminalization of recreational marijuana. But now, candidate Bernie Sanders is the first to hint that he wouldn’t be opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana. When asked how he would vote if he were a Nevada resident voting on recreational MJ in 2016, Sanders said “I suspect I would vote yes.” His decision, he says,…

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12Oct 15

Communicate Your Way to Project Success

What is the most critical contributing factor for project success? According to the Project Management Institute’s latest study, it’s Effective Communication. When communication is at its best projects are more likely to be on time, within the budget, and able to meet original goals.  Unfortunately, the PMI finds only one in four companies are highly-efficient communicators. If that doesn’t sound…

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