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06Apr 17

Electromagnetic Cap for Brain Cancer

Cancer spreads because the cancerous cells divide and multiply in the patient’s body. In the case of brain cancer, these cells divide much quicker than the neuron cells being formed the brain. With the use of a new type of treatment these cancerous cells are slowed or completely inhibited from multiplying, giving patients an extension on life. The treatment uses…

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04Apr 17

Getting a Second Opinion

When talking to a doctor about an injury or illness some people will go out and get a second opinion while others do not. Those who decline to get a second opinion may have valid reasons to do so, such as time or travel constraints, but are they at risk because they do not do so? Findings published in the…

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04Apr 17

New Technologies for Neural Implants

Neural implants have been booming in the medical world as of late, but one thing that has still vexed scientists is how to connect the brain and spine in cases of spinal injuries. The issue most scientists face is the materials used in neural implants could potential damage tissues whenever the spine bends or moves. Scientists at MIT, Oxford, and…

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31Mar 17

Getting control over our Planet

Despite anyone’s opinion on global warming, one thing we can all agree on is that our carbon emissions are getting out of hand. Using these energy sources could be harmful to the planet, the pollution as a result is harmful to us, and one day we will run out of these materials. Through the UN’s Paris Agreement, scientists urge that…

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30Mar 17

Fruit: The ultimate food for thought

For many years a debate has been going on about how and why primate’s brain evolved. One theory, which until now was the most widely accepted, was called the “Social Brain Hypothesis” and stated that primates evolved to bigger brains in order to live in bigger groups. But a study of 140 different species of primates has concluded that social…

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28Mar 17

Your Lungs do more than just breathe

Scientists from UC San Francisco have uncovered a previously unknown function of the lungs. Using some of the most advanced imaging systems available, the scientists were able to monitor the blood vessels in lungs of mice to determine that the lungs play an important role in blood production. Not only do the lungs create more than half of the body’s…

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