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04Dec 17

The Effects of Inadequate Training in Vital Statistics

It can go without saying that to accurately and efficiently use a new system, process, equipment, etc., the user has to be TRAINED on how to do so. While we all understand this logically in our minds, it has been seen throughout various industries that the training element is often overlooked, to sometimes disastrous results. The Vital Records offices across…

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10Oct 17

Two Reasons Why Vital Records Should Matter to You

For many in the United States, the knowledge around the importance of Vital Records is minimal, even though information and tracking are key to the health of our world. Data access for Vital Records has recently increased in production, accuracy, and timeliness of delivery for this crucial information. This is due in large part to help from the Centers for…

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26Sep 17

Relationships – the Real Drivers of Success

A follow-up post from our time and takeaways at the WBEC-West conference. As a first year participant in the annual WBEC-West conference, all we can say is WOW. From the people to the opportunities, we want to sincerely thank WBEC-West for all they do, and for bringing women-owned businesses together to help one another. This year, QuantumMark had the honor…

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18Apr 17

Will our antibiotics become useless?

In the 90’s there were as many as 18 large pharmaceutical companies actively producing antibiotics in the world but now, because of low profit margins, many have left in search of better returns leaving only 4 companies defending patients against infection. To add on to what seems to be a dire situation, antibiotic-resistant infections are on the rise and of…

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18Apr 17

One step closer to Artificial Lungs

When thinking of lung transplants you typically think of patients with lung cancer, but there are many other types of respiratory diseases that can put patients onto the organ donor list. One very unfortunate truth about patients waiting for a lung transplant is that the wait can be difficult and last well over a year. During that time the patient…

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14Apr 17

Device for Cutting-out your Bad Habits

Wearable devices like the FitBit allow the user to continually track their good behaviors, like the amount of exercise you participate in during the day. Furthermore, the associated apps help you keep track of things like calories and water consumed in order to help users to live more nutritional lifestyle. But the latest wearable technology has found a way to…

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