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A new technology, equipment, or process is only effective when stakeholders embrace it, and people know how to use it. In other words, when they are trained on it. Although this may seem obvious, the training step is consistently overlooked in projects. Because of this, our team places emphasis on training at all stages of a project. We have created training templates to help train external stakeholders, to guarantee our projects are successful. Our team has experience training small to large groups of people, both in person and virtually, and we take the time to thoroughly understand the system, equipment or process before training begins. This allows us to effectively train the individuals using it on a daily basis, closing the gap between implementation and usage. Our clients therefore get the ROI on their investment. Find out if our training expertise is right for you!

  • Remote Training for System End-Users

    We offer our customers live, interactive online training conducted by one of our skilled trainers. Our technique allows attendees to actively participate through Q&As, as well as hands on in the system (when available). Once the course is complete, all participants leave with a clear understanding on how to use system in real life.

  • Supervisory Training

    A key element in the success of a company or project is having a quality supervisor. This is someone who motivates team members and provides guidance and feedback. Additionally, making sure all strategic goals and objectives are met. Our team offers client-specific Supervisor training, to help add value to their existing employees. Added benefits clients often see include higher employee retention, strong internal brand champions, and lasting success.

  • Project Management Training

    A strong project management leader or team is the backbone to successful projects and companies. This is because they drive all deliverables and provide quality results on time. QuantumMark has excelled in project management for 30+ years and has helped pioneer the field. With our in-depth knowledge, we have developed a Project Management Course that individuals or entire companies can take. This course teaches them the elements required to be successful, maintain their success, and ultimately grow their business and personal careers.

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