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Smart Glasses Strike Again

Smart glasses are no new idea. Google released their Google Glasses in 2012, and even though they didn’t fair well the technology (we assume) has been worked on since.  What you may not know is Google Glasses have been widely accepted in the healthcare sector and are working with Artificial Intelligence to diagnose disease. Well, another Glasses company has just put their hat in the ring and could give Google Glasses a run for their money. Aria is another company that produces Augmented Reality glasses which allow the users to visualize both reality and augmented programs simultaneously. Aria’s main goal is to help those suffering from extremely poor vision or blindness get around in their daily lives. Imagine these glasses letting users know what is in front of them when walking around, or giving them the layout of a park using google maps and GPS. Aria hope to extend the freedom of their users to enhance their quality of life.

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  1. Thanks for picking up on our story. Actually, Aria does not make AR glasses. Their service is device agnostic, though their preferred device at this point is in fact Google Glass.

    Alfred Poor, Editor
    Health Tech Insider

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