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Speaking on Cause of Death Data at the Center for Disease Control: A Recap of our Experience

To say that the experience of presenting to a group of highly qualified individuals at the Division of Vital Statistics in the Maryland Center for Disease Control (CDC) office was one of a kind, merely begins to touch the magnitude of the opportunity. It was not only an unbelievable honor to be invited to present our work on Cause of Death Reporting, but also a great learning experience to speak about our expertise to individuals who do not work directly in State Vital Record offices.

To give some context as to why QuantumMark was invited, we have been a pioneer in the Vital Records world for nearly 20 years, and have paved the way with our standardized processes, and ability to upgrade states either from paper to electronic systems, or to a new and improved electronic system. We’ve received awards for our work in the field, and have successfully helped 13 states and counting, consistently providing results beyond our clients’ expectations.

One recent focus within our Vital Records work has specifically been on improving the quality of Cause of Death (COD) data, since that information has huge implications in the larger realm of public health, such as research and development funding for diseases. Overall, the main reason that QuantumMark has been so successful in improving data and meeting the outlined goals is because of the methodology and processes we’ve created, refined, and improved over the years. We also focus on ensuring buy-in by ALL parties involved (State Vital Records to CDC to medical certifiers, hospitals, coroners, etc.) and facilitate their understanding of the need and value for the various changes and improvements. To accurately create a sustainable solution, everyone who is a part of the process needs to be trained and onboard with the new methodology.

This matters to the CDC because they rely on state-provided data to help allocate funds to tackle the top disease and health problems in the country (and worldwide). They cannot do their jobs correctly if the data they are receiving is delayed or inaccurate. For them, it’s important to understand different ways some companies, such as QuantumMark, are coming alongside to help them correct the problem of poor quality COD data.

For us, it was an amazing learning opportunity to speak to those who use the COD data we’ve helped to improve. It was wonderful to be recognized for our streamlined processes, and the excellent work we continue to do on the subject. Additionally, we feel as that this experience has given us a new fresh perspective on our work that will only continue to help us improve our processes to better serve our clients.

We’d happily give another talk in a heartbeat, and cannot say enough about how grateful we are for the opportunity provided to QuantumMark. It was truly an honor.

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