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The Secret Sauce – 3 ways Project Management helps your company expand

Project Management

Company expansion and growth is something we all want and work for every year, and with 2019 already underway, now is the perfect time to strategically pursue this. But…are your techniques and tools for expansion working, or like many, are you caught in the rut of not being sure how to get your business to grow? Have no fear – we’re here to help provide you with a different approach along with time-tested and proven techniques and tools. One such tool is Project Management; we’ve talked previously about the misconceptions and underuses of Project Management, it’s also underused as an important foundation for building business growth and expansion. How this is done? Read below to learn 3 ways Project Management helps your company expand, and ultimately, succeed:

1. Gives employees training on new skillsets

One of the biggest benefits companies see from utilizing Project Management correctly is an increase in their employee ROI, particularly through the new skillsets they acquire from the project managers they work with. This in particular helps company growth/expansion because your employees, and therefore your company, can now handle more in-house, are more confident in doing so, and will work harder for the company as they enjoy implementing the things they’ve learned.

2. Showcase the talents different employees have

Another benefit companies see through using Project Management is that their own employees are able to utilize, build on, and showcase their own talents, since these are often ones not highlighted in their day-to-day jobs. By seeing what your employees truly excel at, companies can then ensure they have all employees in the right “place,” helping to make things run smoother and more efficiently. More efficiency means companies can then put both energy and budgets toward expanding in other key areas.

3. Create different working relationships for better team performance

Projects have a unique ability to bring together various employees in a new manner, with a specific goal in mind. This allows for new working relationships to be formed, often between people that may not regularly interact together, and/or that have been interacting in a mundane manner for years. This in turn can help employees feel more valued by their team members, and increase their company buy-in and performance.

The reason companies often don’t expand is not due to lack of trying but trying the wrong tactics. So, start your 2019 off right, by seeing firsthand what benefits project management can bring to your company – and don’t let the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone stop you.

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