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Thinking differently equals Success: 3 tested and proven tips for business success in 2019

Business Success

We can hardly believe it…2019 is less than a month away. For most of us in the business world, we’ve been working on our business and sales plan for 2019 for months already, but there is always the December push to get them finalized and vetted. While you’re going through that process, our team has put together 3 “unusual” tips you should include for better business success in 2019 – because being different is important:

1. Focus on people

The focus on the differences among employee generations and overall retention issues have been gaining more and more national attention. For many states and industries, they are reaching crisis levels. Whether you’re experiencing this already, or simply seen it in other companies, it is a problem that ALL businesses should engage in fixing. And the easiest solution? Focus on the PEOPLE of your company, not just your business goals. By concentrating on the people, you build a team that will be more successful at achieving your goals, thereby saving you time, resources, and budget. As a bonus, you will create brand champions for your organization.

2. Utilize project management!

As we’ve talked about in many of our other blogs, project management is one of the business world’s most under-utilized tools for success. No matter your industry, we’ve seen how project management benefits overall business success, especially in terms of making sure there is sustainability, budget increases, employee retention, and more. So, take from an expert: in 2019, broaden your idea of what project management could be used for, and see how much your company profits from utilizing it.

3. Look at all projects as employee ROI opportunities

Chances are, you will be launching at least one project in 2019. While most people look at projects as tools to meet business goals, projects serve another very important role: building the ROI of your existing employees. By shifting your thinking to view projects as ROI building opportunities, and even building projects around employee issues you might be having, you will increase not only employee buy-in and ownership, but overall business success.

There are many other key tips and elements you should be applying in 2019 and beyond, but the three above are ones we’ve found important that are frequently overlooked. Don’t be afraid to try something new, to be different, and in many cases, to try something (like project management) that you’ve “done” before but in a new light. Don’t let previous ideas about a tactic make you think it will never work, or never be the right fit. If you take a chance to try something new, especially when the elements you’ve been trying haven’t been working, chances are you will thank yourself later on.

Interested in learning more tips to utilize in 2019 for business success? Contact us today for an exclusive strategy session! If you’re interested in learning more, and discussing other issues, email Kim West, or connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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