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Why Every Industry Needs Project Management

Project Management

Are you one of the many business that falls into the trap of thinking that hiring a project manager is not the right thing for you? Good news: you’re not alone. Bad news? You’re not alone. We’ve seen it time and time again where business from different industries think something like “project management is for construction” or “it’s for large corporations only.” While these definitely utilize project managers to great success, they are not the only type of business or industry that needs them. Below, we’ve compiled a list of three reasons project management is the right answer for ANY industry. Read on to find out how you can utilize them for your greatest business success ever:

1. Every Industry has processes they need to improve/implement

Every single industry and company size, no matter if it’s 10 people or 10,000 people, goes through change processes to become more efficient, or to implement a completely new process. Whether annually, semi-annually, or more frequently, in order to survive, companies must do this, but most are not being efficient or effective in it. How can you ensure that your new process gets the job done, is well received and embraced by your employees? By hiring a project manager. For more information on why, visit our other blogs.

2. Every industry has goals that need to be met

Just as every industry and company goes through process improvements, every company and industry also has set goals they need to meet. Whether this is sales goals, revenue goals, project goals, etc., one thing is consistent: to be successful you have to meet those goals and ensure that what you put in place is sustainable. Goals also have to be the right fit for your company and your clients. Using a project manager or project management firm is one the best ways to ensure success. This holds especially true if similar goals have not been met in the past, or the results were not satisfactory.

3. Every industry benefits from an outside, neutral third party perspective

Overall, one of the biggest benefits all companies, industries, and individual teams get from hiring a project manager is having an objective, third party view on all material and ideas. This is critical in guaranteeing the solutions, practices, policies, etc. you put in place are not only well rounded, but functional and adaptable for all stakeholders, both internal and external. Again, from fashion to advertising to technology to science, and everywhere in between, companies are constantly evolving, maturing, and trying to improve. Utilizing a project manager throughout the process is the most effective use of money, time and valuable employee resources to accomplish objectives with lasting value for the entire organization.

While there are many other ways and reasons project management is a perfect fit for every industry, the three above are important ones to be thinking about. Don’t be misled by thinking project management only serves one purpose, and that it isn’t right for you. The investment in a good project manager up front will not only help you shine at your business and in your field, but ensure that your team, company, and industry have a sustainable plan in place for many years to come.

Interested in learning more about how project management could help your business problem? Contact us today for an exclusive strategy session! If you’re interested in learning more, and discussing other issues, email Kim West, or connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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