Vital Records

Vital Records

With over a decade of experience assisting states in planning for and implementing electronic vital records systems QuantumMark has unmatched experience in Vital Records projects. Our methodology represents the best practices gathered from numerous state projects and incorporates the standards and guidelines as set forth by NAPHSIS.

Project Management

We provide superior project management. At any given time QuantumMark is active in multiple projects for multiple clients nationwide. Effective project management delivers a project’s end result on time, within budget, according to specifications and at a level of quality that exceeds management expectations. Comprehensive planning and project management are essential to a project’s success. QuantumMark employs lean methodology to ensure our clients achieve maximum value for efficient and sustainable processes. The guidelines established by the Project Management Institute® (PMI) serve as the foundation for the QuantumMark Project Management Methodology.

Functional Requirements Definition

A comprehensive analysis of the functional requirements for a new technology system is critical to the achievement of a successful implementation. Determining the needs of the client and the conditions for the product will ensure that the vendor provides realistic time and cost estimates. Our QuantumMark Functional Requirements Methodology uses Joint Application Design (JAD) concepts to achieve the blend of client subject matter and consultant expertise. In addition, QuantumMark has developed extensive customizable requirements templates that are made available for vendors to use in responding to an RFP. This provides for a comprehensive yet easy to score vendor evaluation process.

RFP Development

We believe that experience is the most important factor when it comes to thoroughly defining the expectations of a software procurement effort and developing a Request for Proposal (RFP). QuantumMark consultants have had the opportunity to develop a number of successful RFPs and, with each experience, have expanded their understanding of best practices. We have the expertise to anticipate the data that the bidders will need in order to develop an accurate and complete response. In addition, we understand the valuable information the State requires to select the best proposal. Our expertise in developing RFPs and evaluating responses gives us the experience that states need to have effective comparison of the responses during the evaluation process and facilitate the selection of the best solution.

Software Selection

Selection of the best software comes from understanding both the functional requirements for the new software and the scope of services that are expected from the vendor. Armed with the defined requirements and the scope of services, QuantumMark conducts benchmarking activities and hosts informative meetings to help the State objectively compare a product’s features against the requirements. During contract negotiations, we are available to resolve any differences in the approach between the successful vendor’s plan and the original implementation strategy. For the final software selection, our team helps to ensure the software solution is the best fit for our client’s needs.

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