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3 uses of a project manager you’re not thinking of, but should be

Project Manager

Most people, when thinking of a project manager, think only of using one to run a large-scale project, one that is highly visible and has critical goals tied to it. While this is absolutely an area that is important to utilize a project manager, there are many other key areas that are often overlooked where companies can increase efficiency and profits by utilizing a project manager. This is where we have you covered – from our 30 years’ experience as project managers, we’ve compiled 3 areas you should consider for project management in 2019 to enhance your business success.

1.) Training of Internal and External stakeholders

Training is one of the best methods to not only build team and employee ROI and moral, but also to help build a sustainable business culture. The problem most companies have is tasking an internal employee to conduct the training. While it’s important to have an internal contact, hiring a neutral third-party project manager to implement and plan the training, provides better results and enthusiastic participation by both external and internal stakeholders.

2.) Implementing/developing a new team or company structure

A new year often means new policies, structures, and procedures for individual teams, employees, and companies as a whole. Use a project manager to help implement and develop the new structure to ensure it does not create cultural rifts in your company! We cannot say this enough, that utilizing a neutral third party here is critical and will ensure the new structure is embraced and practiced, setting you up for success in the years to come.

3.) Community service projects

Community involvement, especially for the younger working generations like Millennials and Gen Zers, is an important value for companies to implement and practice. The reason? Your employees want to feel good about themselves and the work they do, and giving back is one the best ways to ensure this happens. A bonus for you, is that employees give more effort in the office because of it. Using a project manager to help organize and plan the community service event allows for intentional team-building exercises to be included. This not only serves the community but is also a boost to the company culture. When you hire an outside project manager to organize this, you’ve elevated the activity, sending a strong message to your staff that you value them and the community you’re a part of.

The above examples are just 3 of many where utilizing a project manager brings companies huge success. Our biggest tip for 2019 is to think outside of the box for project management – be creative for when and where it is useful and important to bring in an outside project manager. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking project managers are useful only for one element, when in fact, their work can positively impact your entire business.

Interested in learning more ways you can utilize a project manager for success in 2019 and beyond? Contact Kim West at today for your free strategy session!

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